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  • Dental Diamond Burs

    Please browse web page named before order SYNDENT Dental Diamond Burs.

    SYNDENT TOOLS offers high quality dental diamond burs at competitive price. If you need products that are not listed in our catalog or on our website, please e-mail us ( for custom order consideration.

  • This kind of products are named HP or FG diamond burs.
    We also call them laboratory diamond burs or surgical diamond burs.
    The shank type of ISO standard number is 104, 204, 314.
    The shank diameter is 2.35mm and 1.60mm.
    And the overall length would be 44mm, 22mm, 19mm
  • Generally speaking, there are 4 different color belts so that users can select the exact grain size dental diamond burs quickly and easily

Color Grain ISO Grit Size

Color Grain ISO Grit Size
Extra fine 504 25m Medium 524 105-120m
Fine 514 46m Coarse 534 126-150m
  • We have 2 kind of quality level for dental diamond burs at the moment. One is medium quality. The other is high quality.
  • Medium quality is packed with blister package(10pcs/pack)
  • High quality is packed with box(5pcs/box or 10pcs/b0x)
  • Golden coating: We also can make burs coated with golden color. it will make burs looks shine like gold. Ours dental diamond burs have nearly 200 basic styles. Click the below picture for full range of dental diamond burs
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